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What is SEO? Why is it Important?


You might have noticed that when you search any specific concept or topic on any search engine, such as Google or Bing, you are guided to and provided with a number of web pages and sites that facilitate your needs and help you find answers to your queries. But have you ever caught sight of this particular detail that the links to these sites are given to you in a mentioned and definite rank? The varying pages may lead you to the appropriate information that you asked or are looking for but despite that, the outcome is presented to you in ranking order. Why is it like that? And does it even have any significance? The answer to this question being, Search engine optimization. Let us dive below to discover and explore the answers to your numerous queries and questions, in detail, relating to the aforementioned!

Search Engine Optimization, frequently abbreviated as SEO, is a crucial as well as a profound digital marketing tool. It involves the procedure of ameliorating together with improvising the visibility of your web page or website or online content for relevant searches. It also amplifies the standard and quantity of your online content. If one’s website or web page is ranked higher or superior to that of others, it is shown much more often in the search results, hence upgrading the prominence of a web page. As a consequence, causing an increase in the number of visitors along with the viewers for the same.

Now you might wonder what exactly makes up an SEO? To find that out, let’s understand and apprehend the several elements that are very vital.


  1. Keywords

They are one of the significant features that matter in the SEO technique. It refers to choosing and utilizing certain words or phrases that potential customers use to find the required content or data online. In order to make your own page, site and data stand out in a relevant sense, one should make a careful and well-researched use of words and phrases and in such a meticulous way that it makes it very efficient and effective.

  1. Content

Content also plays a vital role that aids in reaching and engaging with the target audience and as a result, it determines the growth and increase in viewers and visitors. To gain a prospective audience and reach, one must deliver information that is readable and comprehensible, concise, engaging, relevant but interesting, and captivating, which fulfills the requirement of the viewers.

  1. On-Site SEO

It refers to the content on your site that informs the search engine regarding the data that is available on your web page. It deals with the structure, links, images, keywords that are part of your page.

  1. Off-Site SEO

It involves the external practices and tactics relating to optimization and these generally take place outside the website and pages enabling it to increase the ranking higher. It can be achieved by the technique of linking buildings or backlinks which can be gained with help of other top reputable sites that may provide the link to your own site/pages.


We’ve learned so far that it plays a significant role in marketing and business. But why exactly? Let us explore and find out why it is so. It is considered important for the following reasons:

  1. Web Traffic

To put it simply to comprehend- higher web traffic and search engine results, higher the visitors and audience. This further facilitates in making the visibility and positioning of one’s content on top and significant in comparison to that of other businesses.

  1. Ranking and Visibility

One of the major characteristics of SEO is to magnify the visibility which would enable the prospective target customer to find you, hence increasing your ranking. This aspect also leads to an increase and leveling up in the growth of the business, consequently making it lucrative.

  1. Reliable

The better your rank and score are, the higher its ranking becomes. This makes you appear appealing and reliable to your customer, hence creating a sense of trust and reliability. One can attain this by rendering knowledge and particulars that are accurate, educational yet engrossing, and interesting to the readers.

  1. Growth

The better your ranking, visibility, and content are, the better it creates your image and reputation in the market. As a result, it boosts the growth of your business and helps in achieving the business goals.

So far, SEO appears to be quite interesting. What’s more interesting and riveting is that one can pursue their careers in this field!


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