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What is making you fat? Check once!

What is making you fat? Check once!

If shedding weight could be so easy, more than 2 billion would not be overweight. Changing old habits is not only difficult but they require a lot of external and internal motivation. To some extent, each one of us is delving into unhealthy food habits and hectic working schedules and we don’t spend much time losing those extra kilograms gained.

We have compiled some of the most common habits to check are doing these:

Do you take the stress?

Stress is a habit that affects your digestion power and makes you overweight around your waistlines. Stress makes us overeat, amid fighting stress, calms our senses and we tend to become overweight within days. Your high appetite for fast food leads to overweight and can cause many lifestyle-related habits such as high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Are you habitual of sweet soda?

Drinking sweet soda leads to belly fat and causes various diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, and other metabolic abnormalities. Soda contains artificial sweeteners which can be dangerous at times and a primary contributor to the obesity pandemic we are facing in our society. Also, strict your soda limit and have a calorie budget for your life, and work rigorously on workouts to lose that extra weight and keep diseases at bay.

Do you have habit of eating quickly?

Quick eating is a habit that causes overweight. When a person eats fast and does overeating, the extra food gets stored in our belly as fat and causes many health diseases. You should eat food slowly and steadily so that it can be digested by your digestive system and you can distract your mind by watching your favorite movie or serials. Fast eating leads to metabolic syndrome, poor digestion, lower satisfaction, and insulin resistance.

Is your water intake is less?

Drinking 8-12 water glasses in a day is a must. But, most of us fail to follow the rules. Research shows that drinking less water can result in poor digestion and fat deposit in our bodies. On the other hand, following this rule will help in flushing out toxins, and excess fat, improve brain and memory function, and promote skin health.

Do you exercise?

Exercise can make you healthy and fit. If you are not maintaining a proper diet, go for a workout at least 5 days a week for 45 minutes every day. This will give you extra energy and also shed lots of pounds that you were bothered about. If you don’t want to hit the gym, play your favorite sports or dance for at least 25-30 minutes to stay healthy. It controls your weight and prevents various health hazards. In between workouts or play, get a natural energy boost with a Yerba Mate energy drink.

Are you habitual of skipping breakfast?

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and keeps you energized the whole day. Skipping breakfast can result in aid in gaining weight. This is because our body demands some energy boost after waking up in the morning which it gets from breakfast. It uses the energy stored with it and replaces it with the next meal you eat. This is why nutritionists, dieticians, and physicians always emphasize healthy heavy breakfast and light dinner.

Do you sleep less?

Sleepless night doesn’t just irritate you but makes you overweight too. Many studies show that less sleep can result in increased weight around your waistline. Staying awake for longer times can also make you feel hungry. The right amount of sleep can help in a healthy diet and weight as well. So, give rest to your body and stop weight gain.


Check your everyday habits and know the scientific reasons behind them. Your every activity affects your weight gain or loss. If you are following all the above-mentioned habits, you are prone to health diseases faster. So, be gentle and live with disciplined eating, sleep, and water drinking. Start some exercise daily to prevent health risks and remove extra fat from the body instantly.

Author Bio:

Tim is a fitness writer. He has written for many health/fitness/food blogs including Mate Mate. MATE MATE ( meɪt meɪt ) implies  a sense of shared experience, mutual respect and unconditional love, friendship, equality and bringing communities together through its energy drink. Check out 100% natural caffeinated energy drink at Mate Mate.

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