Wet n Joy Water Park

Wet n Joy Water Park

Mumbai is known as the city of chaos, rightly so because the life in the city is hectic and every day spent here is a blur. That’s why weekend getaways and short breaks are most-sought after holiday ideas by the city dwellers. Mumbaiites prefer holidays that are just a short drive away from the city so that the journey doesn’t tire them out, and they can be back to the city after a refreshing time-out in a short time. Also, due to the city’s humid and hot climate, locals tend to look out for a refreshing fun time, and waterparks play the perfect role as a suitable fun attraction. Among many of Mumbai’s exciting waterparks, Wet n Joy Water Park is one particular water park on the outskirts of Mumbai that is an ideal outing with family and friends.

Wet n Joy Water Park is a fun and thrilling water park cocooned amid lush, verdant hills of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. It has something for all ages and is an apt place to spend some quality time splashing in water and bonding with friends and family. The water park offers around 25 exciting water rides and slides and much more. Being close to two megacities of Maharashtra, Wet n Joy is one of the Pune-Mumbai water parks since it sits right in the middle of both cities. Moreover, its easy accessibility and a short distance from both cities make it an idyllic weekend escape for city-dwellers of both Mumbai and Pune.


Wet n Joy Water Park has located a few hours’ drives away from Mumbai city. It is nestled in the hills of Lonavla, off the Old Pune-Mumbai Highway.

How to Reach

The best way to reach Wet n Joy Water Park from Mumbai is by car. It is convenient and easily accessible as well. All you need to do is drive along the Mumbai –Pune Expressway. The scenic ride on the undulating ghats of Lonavla sets the mood right for the upcoming water experience. You can also travel by train and get down at Lonavla station. Wet N Joy Water Park is 10 to 15 km away from the railway station. Wet N Joy Water World is ideal to visit throughout the year but the summers and monsoons are the perfect time to take advantage of this water park.

What to Expect at Wet n Joy Water Park

  • This thrilling water arena offers a variety of water activities and fun. However, its star attraction is the 60,000 square-feet wave pool with various wave intensities, boasted as India’s largest wave pool.

  • The park also has some amazing adrenaline-rushing water rides such as Boomerang, Mat Racers, and Cyclone which will let you slip, slide and glide through curvy water tubes and speed slide plunging you straight into a pool.

  • Kids have a separate dedicated water-splash area that comes equipped with giant bucket splashes, kiddie pools, and water slides.

  • After spending some time on the water slides, tone down the adventure level with a floating experience on the Crazy River or dance away in the sprinkles and showers of Rain Dance with upbeat music.

  • The entry ticket to Wet n Joy includes unlimited access to rides and pools. Do keep in mind that you should try a water slide only if you feel comfortable with the height and adventure level. For kids, there are height restrictions on certain rides.

  • There are all types of facilities available such as baggage counters, lockers, changing rooms, first aid, and doctor-on-call facilities, swimwear apparel, and accessories that you can get inside the water park at an extra cost.

  • Meals are not included in the admission ticket but you can buy meals inside the waterpark from its restaurants and cafes. Do keep in mind that outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the park. The park is well-maintained, taking utmost care about hygiene and safety guidelines.

  • For all visitors to have a great time at this water park, it is essential to follow the rules and guidelines of the water park. The park has strict guidelines on what to wear and what is allowed in the park. It is best to be well-informed about the same before visiting the waterpark.

Park Tickets, Operating Time and Duration

Wet n Joy Water Park Admission tickets cost around Rs 500 t0 800 per person, which varies according to season. The park stays open from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Visitors usually opt for a whole day to spend at the water park. There are no stay options available within the park, but there are few well-appointed accommodation options nearby that one can book for an overnight stay.

Wet N Joy water park is a one-stop attraction for water fun and thrill. This water wonderland is a great place to chill and forget your stress of life’s daily grind if you are a resident of Mumbai or Pune.